Company SPaP


Slovenská plavba a prístavy a.s. (SPaP a.s.) has been a dominant company in the field of transport, transshipment and warehousing of goods, forwarding services, repair works and building of new vessels on the territory of the Slovak Republic. The company offers logistics services, being connected with transportation of all kinds of goods on the river Danube as well as on the whole network of West European waterways between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

The company SPaP a.s. with its technical equipment, high-quality services and skilled workers, has an interesting geographic and logistic location in the field of warehousing, transshipment and transport of cargoes.

The SPaP a.s. has been directly connected to:

  1. Railway transport
  2. Road transport (highway junction)
  3. Internal pipeline from the SLOVNAFT-refinery


The SPaP a.s. by its activities belongs to the oldest and most reliable Shipping companies on the Danube and since its establishment in 1922 until today the company experienced a rich historical development. After the downfall of the Austro-Hungarian company in 1919 the „Czechoslovak Transport Authority“ with its seat in Bratislava, was established, which was the predecessor of the later „Czechoslovak Danube shipping - Joint Stock Company“, being established in June 1922. The company went through several organisatory changes being connected even with changes of its name up to the present one - Slovenská plavba a prístavy a.s.

The first company's fleet consisting of 5 steam paddle towing tugs and 44 towing cargo barges in 1922 developed in the course of the more than 80-year long history of the company to 221 vessel of various types, sizes and engine powers. The specific role of the SPaP a.s. is that it deals not only with inland shipping, but the portfolio of its services includes also a full extent of port services in technologically well equipped ports of Bratislava and Komárno, forwarding services, repair works and shipbuilding.

The future

The future of SPaP a.s. has been based on creating of a multinational logistic centre for transshipment, transport and warehousing of goods and providing businessmen and receivers of transported goods with expert information.

The strategy of the company has been oriented to 3 basic directions:

  • To continue in efforts of maximum increase of product rate having higher VAT.
  • USatisfying the demands of strategic and traditional customers by means of high-quality services.
  • Creating of an international logistic centre in the south-western part of EU.