The SPaP framework


The Company's Bodies

The bodies of the SPaP a.s. are:

- The General Assembly
- The Supervising Board
- The Board of Directors

Supervisory Board:

Colin Frank Clacy Souter
Ing. Peter Malec
Gabriel Repáň

Board of Directors:

Ing. Jaroslav Michalco - Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ing. Richard Petöcz - Member
Anna Rovenská - Member

The Executive Management:

Ing. Jaroslav Michalco (Mr.) - General Manager
Ing. Richard Petöcz (Mr.) - Financial Director
Igor Rechtorík (Mr.)- Operational and Technical Director
Anna Rovenská (Mrs.) - Sales Director

General Director´s Department

The General Director´s Department is the managing centre of the company SPaP a.s. This department manages all business activities of the company. The Financial, Sales and Operational/Technical Departments are directly subordinated to the General Director´s Department. The Department of Unyielding Properties as well as the IT - Department are parts of the General Director´s Department. By their activities these departments fulfill the particular goals of the company. The Board of Directors has been a consulting body to the General Director.

tel: +421 2 58271110
fax: +421 2 58271114

Financial Department

This department ensures conditions and environment for carrying out the business activities of SPaP a.s. in accordance with the valid legislation. The Financial Department manages following sub-activities:
- taxes and bookkeeping
- controlling and financial management
- work economy, salaries and human resources
- internal relations

tel.: +421 2 58271310
fax: +421 2 58271314

Sales Department

The Sales Department is responsible for the complete realization of particular business transactions as well as for daily communication with customers based on previous contacts following evaluation, and final acceptation of their requirements for transport, transshipment or warehousing of particular kinds of cargo. Another part of the Sales Department is the marketing Department as well as the Department of Customs Declaration.

tel.: +421 2 58271410
fax: +421 2 53415337

At the same time, this department coordinates the activities of SPaP a.s. - branch offices, representing the company´s interests abroad:

Branch office Regensburg
tel: +49 941792822
fax: +49 941793832

Branch office Beograd
tel: +38 111 2121 974
fax: +38 111 2134 674
mob: +38 163 234465

Branch office Budapest
tel: +36 305 631 632

Branch office Izmail
tel/fax: +380 484123786
mob: +380 6774 56804

Operational and Technical Department

The Operational a Technical Department consists of the operational part and the technical part.
The operational part manages particular activities concerning transport, transshipment and warehousing in the Port of Bratislava, in the Port of Komárno as well as the operation of the Container Terminal in cooperation with the Sales Department.
The technical part manages the following activities:
- fleet management
- infrastructure management
- maintenance of hoisting equipment as well as additional technology
- property and buildings´ management
- port railway siding management
- car transports
- safety-technical services
- purchase and supplying

tel.: +421 2 58271310
fax: +421 2 58271314