For the purpose of increasing of its business activities and fulfilment of its strategic plans, the company SPaP a.s. established subsidiaries, which provide for further supporting sctivities within the business activities of the SPaP a.s.

Slovenská plavba a prístavy - Lodenica s.r.o. (shipyard)

has been a full subsidiary of the SPaP a.s., carrying out a full scope of repairs and reconstructions of pushtungs, barges, motor cargo vessels as well as of passenger ships for the parent company as well as for other business partners.

Dalby a.s.

Specialized transshipment activities by means of newly built transshipment facility in the Port of Bratislava in the estuary of the port basin Pálenisko using technology being unique in the Slovak Republic, guaranting minimizing the risk of oil spills and maximizing the level of operation safety.