River transport is us

  • We have been on the market since 1922
  • We operate a fleet of 112 vessels
  • We provide our services in the ports of Bratislava and Komárno

Our services

Transport and Logistics

Transport on the Danube and Main rivers

Transhipment and Warehousing

We operate in the ports of Bratislava and Komárno


Repairs, upgrades and newly constructed cargo and passenger vessels, pusher tugs and barges

Other services

Sale of bunker diesel, fresh water, lease of warehousing and office spaces, parking

We provide logistics, transhipment, warehousing, transport of cargo, as well as repairs and reconstructions of vessels.

100 years of Danube river transport

SINCE 1922

Slovenská plavba a prístavy a.s. has undergone several historical milestones since its establishment. After the end of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the “Czechoslovak Transport Authority” was established in Bratislava in 1919, which was the predecessor of the later established shipping company “Československá akciová plavební spoločnosť dunajská”, established in June 1922. The company underwent several organisational changes, such as its business name Slovenská plavba a prístavy, which it bears to this day.

The initial fleet of 5 steam tugs and 44 barges from 1922 has grown to 112 vessels of various types, sizes, and power over the past century.

It is currently one of the largest and most stable shipping companies on the Danube river.



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